De Blasio Wants Grimm’s Files From NYPD and DOJ

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio wants files surrounding Congressman Michael Grimm’s altercation at a Queens night club a decade ago to be release, after detailed allegations surfaced in The New Yorker this week.

In a public statement, de Blasio — who once considered running for that seat — said “Congressman Grimm has an obligation to fully address these allegations by letting the whole truth come out. I urge the Congressman to join me in calling on the New York City Police Department and the Justice Department to release all records surrounding this incident in order to provide a full accounting to the public.”

Grimm, actually, did discuss the issue at a previously-scheduled meeting with the Staten Island Advance editorial board. (Here’s the video.) Grimm said the allegations were made by an off-duty cop working security at the club who, for some reason, refused to assist him.

According to Grimm, the officer leveled the charges in order to cover up his own misconduct (not assisting Grimm in the altercation, and moonlighting as without NYPD approval). A lawsuit filed by this now-retired officer was ultimately thrown out. De Blasio Wants Grimm’s Files From NYPD and DOJ