Deadline to Join Harvard Business School Angels

The Harvard Business School Angels of New York, an early-stage fund founded in 2011, seeks Harvard and non-Harvard investors to join its ranks. HBS Angels started over three years ago in Northern California but recently opened a New York chapter. The group does invest in companies that have no Harvard affiliation, and a fair amount of them. “We generally see at least 40 to 50 deals per quarter,” the group’s website says. 

“We have a 15-person deal screening committee, whose members have prior experience in venture capital, private investing, investment banking, early stage corporate management and a variety of other disciplines…

“We hold one meeting each calendar quarter, at which we bring together three selected companies and our Angels…

“For those who are interested in learning more and potentially investing in a company, we form teams that work together on due diligence, review of deal documents and negotiation of terms. Most private investors are on their own.”

The group, chaired by David Teten, is currently accepting applications from angels who plan to invest at least $25,000/year in early-stage investments, although there is no contractual obligation to do so. The application, due Monday, is here.

Deadline to Join Harvard Business School Angels