Don’t miss this great, old-fashioned thriller

The Robber is a rock-solid riff on the real-life story of Johann Kastenberger–a champion marathoner who was also one of Austria’s most wanted bank robbers. (In limited release this Friday.)

The film’s director, Benjamin Heisenberg, goes in for speed, not psychology: The Robber isn’t the character study we expected it to be, and it doesn’t really feel like a European movie. (Though its visceral rush did remind us of Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run, and of the supertense, superkinetic chase sequences in John Frankenheimer’s late, Europeanized thriller Ronin.) But what Heisenberg lacks in depth, he makes up for in pacing and panache: Lots of banks get robbed in The Robber, but the film’s real trick is the way it makes 90 minutes disappear.

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