Draft Trump Movement Names South Carolina Coordinator

The Draft Trump 2012 effort is announcing this afternoon that another state coordinator has come on board in order to lay the groundwork for a possible presidential run.

Scott Royce, a former New Hampshire field director for Jack Kemp’s 1988 campaign will be coordinating the Draft Trump movement in his home state of South Carolina.

Royce joins two other political operatives–Jay Kenneth Klinge and James Stockdale–whom the Draft movement announced yesterday.

“He is one of us,” proclaimed Royce. “He is not a career politician, thus will not be paralyzed by the influence of special interests when resolving the big issues that challenge the country at present and that is exactly what is driving his popularity.”

Draft movements typically work to build support in early voting states while simulataneously trying to create a groundswell of support to convince the draftee to run.

According to a bio sent out by the Draft Trump operation, Royce is also an “active Libertarian and Anti-Tax activist in South Carolina and key supporter of South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley.”

Trump reached out to Haley earlier this week.


Draft Trump Movement Names South Carolina Coordinator