Ex-Engadget Editors Launch New Tech and Gadgets Podcast

The next podcasters.

Former Engadget Show netcasters Joshua Topolsky, Nilay Patel and Paul Miller hit the web yesterday with This is my next Podcast, a show and blog that will serve as an outlet for their collective tech wisdoms during the between-jobs period before the launch of the much-anticipated tech site at SB Nation.

The network of sports sites seems an unlikely fit for nerd news, but Mr. Topolsky et. al. say it’s a leaner, meaner, better-equipped platform for tech news than the bloated and unscrupulous company that still umbrellas Engadget.

“As you probably know, Josh, Paul and I are hard at work on a new tech site with the awesome team at SB Nation, but we wanted to keep podcasting in the meantime,” Mr. Patel wrote on the blog. “So welcome to This is my next Podcast, our temporary home until the new site launches sometime in the fall.”

The inaugural podcast was yesterday; the team says they’ll be broadcasting on Thursdays. “Wow, This is my next Podcast is number 1 in all tech podcasts on iTunes right now! WOW. We love you, whoever you are,” Mr. Topolsky tweeted. And in fact, it is. Ex-Engadget Editors Launch New Tech and Gadgets Podcast