Foursquare Doing Its Part to Get Googlers Rich

Google is said to be making big offers to senior engineers to keep them from defecting to startups where pre-IPO shares might mean a big payday.

Well New York can’t let the west coast have all the fun. Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley has jumped into the Google baiting game, passing along this note with a little help from Mike Arrington:

“If you’re a Google employee and you aren’t out interviewing at Facebook, Twitter or Zynga you are a moron.”

what about foursquare, brother?!

we’re hiring faster than we can drop desks in here!

where’ the love?! 🙂

Dennis Crowley
co-founder / ceo, foursquare

Foursquare is looking for engineers on both coasts, having recently opened a San Francisco office. Folks looking to get a sense of the kind of problems they are tackling can see some what they have been up to on their engineering blog, here. Turns out there’s a good bit of thought behind finding the rudest cities in the world.


  Foursquare Doing Its Part to Get Googlers Rich