Fulop seeks three JC school board wins

JERSEY CITY – He won all three seats last year and now he’s going for all three again. Anything less than all three and it’s a bad night for downtown Councilman Steve Fulop.

“We need all three,” Fulop told PolitickerNJ.com in his Jersey City headquarters.

“I think that there are undertones as it relates to mayor for political people,” he acknowledged. “Our candidates are more education-focused than politics-focused.”

The unions environment is not as charged as it was last year. The NJEA has endorsed all three of Fulop’s candidates.

More central to the drama this time is Schools Superintendent Charles Epps, the former assemblyman. Fulop and his allies want Epps gone and replaced. Local establishment allies of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO)are protecting the veteran educator. Fulop seeks three JC school board wins