‘Glenn Beck Threw Me Under the Bus’: Breakfast with Andrew Breitbart

Note: An earlier version of this article read that “According to Mr. Breitbart, fellow Tea Partier Glenn Beck first joined him in editing and eviscerating Ms. Sherrod’s 2010 N.A.A.C.P. speech.” Mr. Breitbart and Mr. Beck did not collaborate in their use of recordings of the speech. The Transom regrets the ambiguity.

Over crème brûlée oatmeal on Monday, conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart talked sting videos. Mr. Breitbart explained to the Transom that Breitbart blog protocol requires undercover video kingpin James O’Keefe to publish unedited versions of his material, to avoid allegations of fabrication.

It’s a lesson Mr. Breitbart learned firsthand, when agriculture officer Shirley Sherrod turned out not to be the racist he made her out to be, no?

“It’s interesting that you ask that, and I’m glad you did,” he said, “because I’m involved in a lawsuit.”

According to Mr. Breitbart, fellow Tea Partier Glenn Beck first independently edited and eviscerated Ms. Sherrod’s 2010 N.A.A.C.P. speech on the radio, before publishing the unedited version on his Web site, discrediting Mr. Breitbart on television and calling for his apology.

“Next thing I know, I’m under complete attack without the support of Glenn Beck, who I thought was somebody I could count on,” Mr. Breitbart told the Transom. “He threw me under the bus.”

The controversial pundit’s new book, Righteous Indignation, posits that a left-leaning, dominant “Democrat-Media Complex” was born out of the influence of post-structuralism on higher education. “Big Education” will be the target of Mr. Breitbart’s next blog.

“I don’t think this nihilist, culturally Marxist view is doing the youth or the workplace any favors,” said Mr. Breitbart.

His frustration ascended new heights witnessing the Wisconsin teacher’s union in gridlock with state legislators last month.

“I’d rather my kids get slapped by a Catholic nun and have guilt about masturbation than come out of school with this nihilistic, angry, leftist worldview that they are clearly pushing,” he said.

Mr. Breitbart was especially disturbed by what he saw as the symbolic use of children in what was essentially a union power struggle.

“When they use the language ‘doing this for the children’? Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!”

The Transom signaled for the check shortly thereafter.

“Do I seem angry to you?” Mr. Breitbart asked. “I don’t like it when people think I seem angry.”

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