Gordon: ‘Is John prepared to defend those cuts?’

Democrats can already see the glossy mail pieces descending on the 38th District depicting state Sen. Bob Gordon and former Gov. Jon Corzine together, and the charge that Gordon is a trudging party foot soldier, but Gordon, running for re-election in one of the most competitive districts this year, today made a case for his political independence and asked his opponent for party clarity on issues of his own.

“There are at least two major policies on which I disagreed with Gov. Corzine,” Gordon told PolitickerNJ.com. “I disagreed with his monetization strategy for the highways. I said at the time that I thought it would be more appropriate to privatize the lottery as a way to find new money.”

As an assemblyman in 2006, Gordon also opposed raising the sales tax, standing with then-Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts against Corzine.

“Certainly my views have been mostly in sync with the Democratic Party,” said Gordon, who disagreed with school aid cuts Gov. Chris Christie leveled at Bergen County last year.

“Is John prepared to defend those cuts?” Gordon asked of his Republican challenger, Bergen Freeholder Chairman John Driscoll of Paramus. “John’s town lost $4.6 million in school aid. Fair Lawn lost 78%. Bergen County took a disproportionate hit. Is he prepared to defend that as fair funding? I’m looking forward to that conversation.”

Gordon also said his campaign intends to draw distinctions with Republicans on women’s health, among others.

“The state is really at a crossroads,” said the Democrat. “As part of the negotiations on redistricting, Dr. Alan Rosenthal made it clear that my district was one that got more competitive, but it’s better than what the Republicans were proposing.   

“Part of this campaign will be about whether we have checks and balances in our state government,” he said. “The state has been better served by two branches of government having to reach consensus on policy issues.”

Gordon: ‘Is John prepared to defend those cuts?’