‘Guy With a Gun…Doesn’t Need to Say Anything’

Evan Ratliff at the New Yorker digs up details about an incident involving Michael Grimm, a gun and a night club back in July 1999, before he was a congressman and just an an FBI agent.


Recently, in his Washington office, Grimm told me that he’d been jumped by his date’s husband and four other men that night. He said that he approached [off-duty NYPD officer Gordon] Williams, who had refused to call 911. Grimm said that he then went outside, found a patrol car, and reentered with the police. Although weapons were not permitted in the club, Grimm said that he’d been carrying his gun the whole night and had flashed it only when pulling his out his badge. As for threatening to kill people, he said, “That’s not my personality. I don’t need to speak that way. A guy with a gun who knows how to use it doesn’t need to say anything.”

The NYPD and US Justice Department refused to hand over any documents which could have shed light on things. ‘Guy With a Gun…Doesn’t Need to Say Anything’