Hashable Hires Social Media Junkie

Hashable just announced it’s hired a power user, Katie Felten from Milwaukee, WI, to do community management. “When we first launched and our user base was largely in NYC, we were able to engage with the community as a  ‘side job’ for various members of our team. We now have fledgling user communities popping up in over 126 countries,” the company said on its blog. So is that like, 127? Or 126 plus Puerto Rico?

“As of Monday, we’re bringing one of our most awesome power users officially into the fold, with the wonderful Katie Felten joining the team as our Evangelist Program Manager. This is our first community management hire and it’s long overdue.”

Ms. Felten is a “Hashable Evangelist | Community Manager | Social Media junky w/a passion for living life | Red Wine | Voracious Reader | Trance | 101 days Bikram Yoga,” according to her Twitter profile. Her website is broken due to the Amazon Web Services outage, which continues to affect About.me’s splash page service.

Hashable, a Union Square Ventures-backed company, originated as a competitor to Yahoo! and Google Finance before relaunching as an application to track introductions and networking. Betabeat bashed the service, but it has scores of vocal power users. Still, we’re skeptical. CEO Mike Yavonditte yesterday said the company, which has about a $28 million valuation, has no business model. As transcribed by the Hashable Twitter feed, “What’s Hashable’s business model gonna be? ‘I have no idea.’ (He’s not worried -Hash has lots a data, and, utility!)#HashUp.” Hashable Hires Social Media Junkie