Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein Flies In

Master traveler!

New Jersey native Adam Goldstein, CEO of the travel site Hipmunk, flew in from San Francisco to hit CNN and Bloomberg, among other stops today on a mini media tour arranged for him by Hipmunk head evangelist Alexis Ohanian.

Hipmunk is up to nine employees and recently launched a hotel search function that includes listings from fellow Y Combinator start-up Airbnb; next the company hopes to build out its mobile app, which currently works only for flights and only on iPhone.

Betabeat caught up with Mr. Goldstein outside Penn Station as he was on his way home. So, when is Hipmunk setting up an office in New York? we asked. “That’s not a totally crazy idea,” he said, but made no promises. Hipmunk CEO Adam Goldstein Flies In