How They Voted: 2011 Budget Deal [Updated, With Senators]

The votes are in for the budget bill, and the final tally is 260-167 in favor of the bill’s passage. There were a few interesting changes from Friday’s vote, which was seen as the first referendum on the last-minute deal to cut $38 billion dollars in spending, which averted a government shutdown.

Nobody crossed sides from opposing the bill to supporting it, though a handful of upstate Democrats who voted “yes” on Friday’s stopgap bill voted “no” on the actual budget today. That makes this vote slightly more partisan than the one last week, though Long Island Democrats still voted “yes” (with the exception of Gary Ackerman, who represents parts of Queens and Long Island).

Among those Long Island yeses was Steve Israel, the chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, who broke with the party’s nominal leader, Nancy Pelosi, who voted against it.

UPDATE: The bill passed the Senate, 81 to 19, shortly after it cleared the House. Both senators–Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand–broke with the majority of their Democratic delegation-mates and voted in favor of the budget.

Here’s a rundown of New Yorkers’ votes.


Bishop – D
Buerkle- R
Gibson – R
Grimm – R
Hanna – R
Hayworth – R
Israel – D
King – R
Lowey – D
McCarthy – D
Owens – D
Reed – R


Ackerman – D
Clarke – D
Crowley – D
Engel – D
Higgins -D
Hinchey – D

Maloney – D
Nadler – D
Rangel – D
Serrano – D
Slaughter – D
Tonko – D

Towns – D
Velazquez – D
Weiner – D


Meeks -D


  How They Voted: 2011 Budget Deal [Updated, With Senators]