How They Voted: Stopgap Budget Bill

Here’s how your New York delegation voted on Friday’s stopgap spending measure, after a tense week of negotiations resulted in a last-minute agreement between House Republicans and Senate Democrats.

The stopgap bill is what technically prevented a government shutdown and was necessary to give congressional dealmakers the weekend to hash out where exactly the federal government will exact $38 billion in budget cuts. But, as you can see from this full accounting, it was also something of a litmus test for how lawmakers feel about the tentative deal.

The furthest factions of both parties seem to have disagreed with it, which is why you see Tea Party Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann voting alongside liberal Congressman Anthony Weiner. But you can see it in the New York delegation too, with city Democrats opposing the deal–a few of them are holding a noon press conference to denounce the cuts–while some of their party colleagues approved it. (And two didn’t vote.)


Bishop – D
Buerkle – R
Gibson – R
Grimm – R
Hanna – R
Hayworth – R
Higgins – D
Israel – D
King – R
Lowey – D
McCarthy – D
Owens – D
Reed – R
Slaughter – D
Tonko – D


Clarke – D
Crowley – D
Engel – D
Maloney – D
Meeks – D
Nadler – D
Rangel – D
Serrano – D
Towns – D
Velazquez – D
Weiner – D


Ackerman – D
Hinchey – D



How They Voted: Stopgap Budget Bill