New York Times Profiles New York Post’s Fred Dicker

Fred Dicker

New York Post State Editor Fred Dicker gets profiled on the front page of the New York Times this morning. Dicker declined to participate in the interview, but on his radio show, said he thought there were a few errors, but overall, it was fair, and not a “hatchet job.” 

My favorite part of the story:

The younger Mr. Cuomo, a Democrat, has used a beastly metaphor of his own, telling associates that the Post writer should be dealt with at arm’s length, as if feeding a caged animal, according to one person who has heard the governor speak that way and wanted to remain anonymous because the remark was made in a private conversation. But the two are close, and Mr. Dicker has said he has been an intermediary between father and son in old family feuds.

There’s no New York reporter who has been profiled as much as Dicker. When Cuomo officially arrived in the governor’s mansion, Reid Pillifant looked at his relationship with Dicker. When David Paterson became governor, Ben McGrath hung out in Dicker’s office for the day. Back in 2005, Ben Smith’s profile called Dicker “The Undisputed King of Albany Press.”

And I’ve tried keeping tabs on him. New York Times Profiles New York Post’s Fred Dicker