Kickstarter Now Funding Professional Golfers (With Help From Huey Lewis)

Image via Golf Chronicles

As Kickstarter has grown, it has begun to experiment with projects far outside the scope of the creative arts that first inspired it.

Colonie, a new restaurant in Brooklyn, scored $15,371 on Kickstarter to open up shop in Brooklyn heights. Now Fred Wilson points us to golf pro Mike Derminio, who is raising money both for a documentary and to support him as he competes around the nation.

“Playing professional golf is not an easy road to travel,” reads the project page. “Lonely nights in hotels, rental cars, bad food and weather changes each week can be challenging. If the cut is missed, the player either goes home defeated or dusts himself off and travels to the next event (often alone). Golf is not a team sport and one’s performance can be heavily influenced by his mental state. A good round can be enough to keep motivated and optimistic, but failing to make it can be self-destructive. It’s a golfer’s perception that ultimately makes him or breaks him.”

Derminio’s plan to make things less lonely? Bring a camera man along to film the whole thing. This is the sort of fascinating point. Would Kickstarter have approved this project if there was no docudrama element? Derminio makes it clear that any funding beyond $7,500 will go to support the basic travel and expenses of being a pro golfer.

The video pitch for this project features Derminio hanging out with 80s pop star Huey Lewis, discussing the finer points of being a tour pro versus a pro golfer. Later Derminio hangs out with Bill Murray. Lush manicured lawns hover in the background. It’s hard to appreciate a lack of funding in this situation. The hook is, Derminio just had a new baby, and this is the make or break year for him to find his footing as a pro.

The project has already passed its threshold for success, so any more funding is icing on the cake. Considering the size and audience of Fred Wilson’s blog, we expect a lot more donations before the day is out.

  Kickstarter Now Funding Professional Golfers (With Help From Huey Lewis)