Koch Calls Out Enemies of Reform [Updated]

Ed Koch says he’ll send out robocalls today and will reach 100,000 voters in the 42 legislative districts represented by lawmakers who are reneging on their pledge to support independent redistricting.

The lawmakers are mostly Senate Republicans (who are backing a plan to change redistricting rules through a constitutional amendment, which won’t go into effect for more than a decade), and a few in the Assembly.

Key parts of Koch’s script:

For Senators: “He refuses to support reform legislation that would apply any sooner than 2022. New York simply can’t wait ten years.

For Assembly members: “He refuses to support the reform legislation introduced by our Governor, Andrew Cuomo.”

Update: A spokesman for the Republicans in the State Senate, Scott Reif, emails, “The Senate Republicans have already passed legislation to reform the redistricting process and fulfilled the NY Uprising pledge.  While the former New York City Mayor is entitled to his opinion, we’re confident that Senator Skelos’ constituents know that he is fighting every day to make a difference on the issues they’re focused on – – including capping property taxes, getting spending under control and empowering the private sector to create new jobs.”

Koch’s list of enemies:


Al Graf, AD 5

Joseph S. Saladino, AD 12

Michael Montesano, AD 15

Thomas McKevitt, AD 17

David G. McDonough, AD 19

Edward P Ra, AD 21

William Scarborough, AD 29

Ken Blankenbush, AD 122

Sean Hanna, AD 130

Christopher Friend, AD 137

Andrew Goodell, AD 150



Kenneth P. LaValle, SD 1

John J. Flanagan, SD 2

Lee Zeldin, SD 3

Owen H. Johnson, SD 4

Carl L. Marcellino, SD 5

Kemp Hannon, SD 6

Jack Martins, SD 7

Charles J. Fuschillo, SD 8

Dean G. Skelos, SD 9

Martin J. Golden, SD 22

Andrew J. Lanza, SD 24

William J. Larkin, SD 39

Gregory R. Ball, SD 40

Stephen M. Saland, SD 41

Roy J. McDonald, SD 43

Hugh T. Farley, SD 44

Elizabeth O’Conner Little, SD 45

Joseph A. Griffo, SD 47

Patty Ritchie, SD 48

John A. DeFrancisco, SD 50

James L. Seward, SD 51

Thomas W. Libous, SD 52

Tom O’Mara, SD 53

Michael F. Nozzolio, SD 54

James S. Alesi, SD 55

Joseph E. Robach, SD 56

Catharine M. Young, SD 57

Patrick M Gallivan, SD 59

Mark Grisanti, SD 60

Michael H. Ranzenhofer, SD 61

George D. Maziarz, SD 62

  Koch Calls Out Enemies of Reform [Updated]