Labeled a ‘do-nothing’ bunch, Dems strike back

TRENTON – Made public enemy number one on the governor’s reform tour the Democratic majority – without the captive audience in tow – responded Tuesday to Chris Christie’s charge at his Jackson town hall meeting that they’re doing nothing.

“This is yet another example of the governor behaving like a bully, distorting reality, and blaming everyone but himself,” said Assembly Majority Leader Joe Cryan, (D-20), of Union. “It is much easier to sit back and rant than to bring people together at the table to reach a thoughtful compromise. It’s always easier to blame someone other than yourself, but then again, that’s the Christie way.”

He said the governor was too distracted on the attack when the Legislature “was working diligently to pass roughly 30 bills designed to address New Jersey’s number one problem right now – high unemployment and job growth stagnation.”

“Despite the fact that a majority of these measures had overwhelming bipartisan support, the governor vetoed most of them,” Cryan said.

And Senate President Steve Sweeney said:

“The Governor’s shtick is getting old. His comments are disingenuous and meant to kill time between him brow-beating a constituent for YouTube purposes and ignoring questions about why property taxes saw their largest increase in four years under his watch.

“The governor’s tool kit nonsense has been officially disproven,” Sweeney said. The GOP has repeatedly called for a package of bills to be posted for a vote that they say will help towns deal with the 2 percent levy cap. 

“The remaining bills will do little to help the thousands and thousands of New Jersey residents that had their rebates eliminated by the governor,” Sweeney said.  “It is time for the governor to actually own up to his responsibilities and do his job.” Labeled a ‘do-nothing’ bunch, Dems strike back