Law signed to help relieve hazards on state highways

Legislation designed to mitigate safety hazards along state highways has been signed into law.

“Last spring New Jerseyans saw grass along our highways grow to dangerous heights that blocked the view of motorists from safely entering and exiting state highways,” Craig Coughlin, (D-19), Middlsex, said Wednesday in a release. “With a massive state highway system under its belt, our state Department of Transportation road crews simply could not respond fast enough. This law will empower local officials to mitigate traffic hazards almost immediately.”

Under A3094, the Commissioner of Transportation is permitted to enter into a contract or agreement with a county or municipality for snow removal, grass mowing, tree pruning, landscaping, repair, or routine maintenance of state highways and adjacent shoulders, and other areas. without advertisement for bids, if the scope of the work required does not contemplate the award of a contract by the county or municipality to an outside contractor, or if the commissioner determines the work to be performed is immediately necessary for the prevention of a public hazard.

Other Assembly Democrats who co-sponsored the bill include John S. Wisniewski, John F. McKeon, Nellie Pou, and Caridad Rodriguez. Law signed to help relieve hazards on state highways