Marco Arment Fights Against Free – Gets That (Insta)Paper

Instapaper developer Marco Arment has been battling against what he sees as the unhealthy business of offering apps for free.

Back in the beginning of March he wrote a post about avoiding venture capital funding. His customers, wrote Arment, are his investors.

He even offered up a subscription service, which didn’t offer much in the way of additional features, acting more like a funnel for goodwill donations.

As an additional experiment, Arment pulled the free version of his iPhone app from the store. Yesterday he tweeted, “As an experiment, I temporarily pulled the Free app from the App Store over a month ago. Sales of the paid app remain great. Few complaints.”

For a man who once admitted he can’t even stomach saying the word “freemium“, this must be a very gratifying result.

  Marco Arment Fights Against Free – Gets That (Insta)Paper