Morning Links: There Must be 50 Ways to Leave Your Network

Glenn Beck is breaking up with Fox News. Beck had remarkably good ratings for his time slot, although his controversial antics turned off some advertisers. Roger Ailes won’t indulge the “fired” vs. “quit” debate, God love him. [NYT]

Matt Lauer is rumored to be leaving NBC when his contract is up, thereby joining former Today co-star Katie Couric and current Today co-star Meredith Vieira in the quitter’s club. His contract ends on the inauspicious date of December 2012 so, hey, let’s not waste our last few months before the world ends about where he’ll go. [ET]

The Daily readers overwhelmingly consume the News Corp rag of the future during leisure time before and after work, probably because iPads are best used lying down. In some ways this justifies The Daily’s editorial strategy. When you come home after a long day on your grind sometimes you just want to hear Justin Rocket Silverman get tased. [Nieman Lab]

Piers Morgan is an aggressive Twitter user. Is that a good look for him? [AdAge]

The National Labor Relations Board is filing a civil complaint against Thomson Reuters, claiming they illegally reprimanded a reporter for being critical of management on Twitter. [NYT]

Some San Francisco bloggers from FindLaw are suing Reuters, too, for working them 60 hours a week and not paying overtime. [SF Weekly] :: @kstoeffel Morning Links: There Must be 50 Ways to Leave Your Network