Morning Read: Bloomberg’s New Campaign Account, and Courteous Ticket-Fixing Cops

2012: ” I’m not playing games. I am totally serious,” says Trump. [Neil King Jr.]

2012: Unnamed NBC executive quoted saying station thinks Trump is bluffing. [Adam Caparel]

2012: Trump measuring the curtains. Or something like that. [Carl Campanile]

Bloomberg’s Campaign: New one on file with state officials “to disclose the expenditures” behind recent ads. [David Seifman]

Bloomberg’s Campaign: As he chided others for illegal postering, a reminder he did it too. [Page Six]

Federal Budget: Rep. Gibson explains his vote to unhappy constituents. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Immigration: Sharpton and Feinblatt say Obama’s meeting was good. [Thomas DeFrank]

Term Limits: Activist drops fight to rollback three-term rule for incumbents. [Michael Saul]

Same-Sex Marriage: Advocates consolidate efforts, coordinate with Cuomo. [Michael Barbaro]

Ticket Fixing: Union official “has recorded an audio message asking current and retired members of the NYPD of all ranks to come forward with stories about fixing tickets to show it’s not anything nefarious.” [Kevin Fasick]

Central Park Jogger: City not dropping charges against five men wrongly convicted in the case. [John Eligon]

Government Consolidation: Cuomo gets help from the private sector; Rockefeller Foundation paying for McKinsey study. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Over-regulation: Editors worry about Cuomo’s activism. [New York Post]

Hypocrisy: Vinny Ignizio has tough words for city roadway officials. [Stephanie Tsoflias]

Transit: “Straphangers are either better behaved or authorities are doing a lousy job at catching scofflaws.” [Erik Ortiz]

Alan Hevesi: Shave and haircut required for all new inmates, says official. [Glenn Blain]

Alan Hevesi: “[H]e could be a Mafia rat or a career criminal instead of a once-powerful and respected official.” [Fred Dicker] Morning Read: Bloomberg’s New Campaign Account, and Courteous Ticket-Fixing Cops