Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Solar Panels, Spitzer’s Criticism

Federal Budget: George Pataki creates new group to push 2012 candidates on debt issues. [Devlin Barrett]

Economy: Bernanke will face the media next week. [Jon Hilsenrath]

2012: Americans Elect party to hold Internent nominating convention next summer. [Greg Lucas]

2012: Editors refer to “Westcheter’s own Donald Trump.” []

2012: Will Trump ever drop birther claims? [Jay Jochnowitz]

2012: Trump’s claim of having sent PI’s to Hawaii was reference to new, investigative book about Obama? [Drudge]

2013: Quinn clashes with Bloomberg on allowing immigration officials to comb through records of inmates at city jails. [Michael Saul]

2013: Spitzer criticizes Cuomo’s budget; doesn’t rule out mayoral run. [NY1]

Taxes: New study “provides some of the most detailed evidence yet that so-called millionaire taxes have little effect on the movements of millionaires as a whole.” [Robert Frank]

Trump’s Mail: Birther talk leads Seinfeld to ditch Trump event; Trump sends angry letter. [Page Six]

Bloomberg’s Initiative: Enough solar power to supply 50,000 homes. [Henry Goldman]

Bloomberg’s Initiative: First update to 4-year-old PlaNYC. [AP]

Same-Sex Marriage: Conference call yesterday with LGBT outlets and progressive bloggers. [Paul Schindler]

Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo’s comma director says “the governor is committed to working with New Yorkers to get the marriage equality legislation passed.”

Same-Sex Marriage: Fundraisers explains Cuomo’s upcoming campaign event “underscores the governor’s pledge to push for the passage of same-sex marriage legislation.” [Rica Orden]

Same-Sex Marriage: Republican James Alesi, who voted no is now undeclared. [Joseph Spector]

Poverty: “Are as many as 7 in 10 Kiryas Joel residents really poor?” [Sam Roberts]

Transit: MTA wants to sell their headquarters; price is more than $150 million. [Charles Bagli]

Unions: “Negative retirement incentive” in Cuomo’s deal with Council 82. [Casey Seiler]

Fracking: Lobbying money hits nearly $1,600,000 last year. [David King]

Neighborhood Names: Hakeem Jeffries wants to regulate them. [Cara Buckley]

Central Park Jogger: Editors okay with another case to settle any questions. [New York Post]

Rangel: Powell says low voter-turnout keep incumbent in office. [Frank Lombardi]

Member Items: Don’t go back to business as usual. [Syracuse Post-Standard]

Photos: Bloomberg, Rahm, and Daly. [Flickr]

Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Solar Panels, Spitzer’s Criticism