Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Taxi Agenda, Diddy’s Police Escort

Rep. Michael Grimm demonstrates how he used his gun at nightclub back in 1999.

Obama NYC: Third visit in under a month; talks at Waldorf, Corzine’s home at Roots concert. [Celeste Katz and Erin Einhorn]

Michael Grimm: Demonstrates how to move gun from ankle to waist; calls allegations against him detailed in New Yorker magazine “fiction.” [Judy Randall]

Michael Grimm: Video. [Anthony DePrimo]

Immigration: Obama keeps deporting Haitians, despite talk after earthquake. [Albor Ruiz]

Pensions: Cuomo rolls out permanent safeguards; similar to what DiNapoli put in place earlier. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Pensions: “DiNapoli’s Office Says Cuomo’s Pension Regs Are Redundant.” [David King]

Pensions: Legislators who break the law will lose their pensions. [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker]

Unions: Top SEIU official, Bruce Raynor of Workers United, quits amid allegations of misusing expense account. [Steven Greenhouse]

Medicaid: Paul Ryan’s plan is better than Obama’s. [Betsy McCaughey]

Medicaid: “Dishonest and manipulative to suggest somehow Republicans in the House are endeavoring to take something away from seniors’ says Rep. Hayworth, who defended Paul Ryan’s budget cuts. [Liz Benjamin]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: “Critics have deplored the city’s willingness to offer incentives at a time of economic distress. And the mayor has angered local university leaders with his suggestion that New York lacked a top-tier engineering school. They argue that the city should instead use its resources to help expand existing programs.” [Javier Hernandez]

Bronx Fire: “The mayor said that constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure often present an insurmountable obstacle to city officials seeking to assure the safety of properties.” [Samantha Gross and Colleen Long]

Bronx Fire: Neighbors say drug dealers barred inspectors and installed video cameras to screen visitors. [Daily News]

NYPD: Bloomberg criticizes police escort for P. Diddy; rapper aided by well-connected dry cleaner; NYPD investigating. [New York Post]

Ticket-Fixing: “[A]n NYPD deputy inspector shamelessly wrote a memo on his own departmental stationery ordering a lieutenant to fix a traffic ticket for a lifelong pal.” [Kirstan Conley and Bob Fredericks]

Murder Probe: County Exec Steve Levy reportedly unhappy top officer publicized details only serial killer would know.  [Larry Celona Bob Fredericks]

Stadium Safety: Yankee’s and Mets’ stadiums keep getting temporary certifications of occupancy. [Michael Saul]

Property Taxes: State problem verifying who makes too much money for STAR tax break. [Joseph Spector]

Gas Tax Holiday: More modest proposal pushed by Republican legislators; “The state was in a different fiscal situation than it is now” says Tedisco. [Rick Karlin]

School Control : Proposing rules to enable state takeover of local school districts pushed by Assembly members Sam Hoyt and Crystal Peoples-Stokes. Would require vote by local parents. [Mary Pasciak]

School Staff: Took NYC five years to fire a teacher after it confirmed she helped students cheat on a text. [Carl Campanile]

Taxis: Is Bloomberg retreating from pledge to legalize street-hails for livery cabs, thanks to resistance from yellow taxis? [Andrew Grossman]

Tolling Bridges: Democratic legislators oppose it. (Unlikely Republicans legislators can do it, since those from NYC wouldn’t.) [Brendan Scott]

Counterfeit Ban: Shoppers like them. [New York Post]

Counterfeit Ban: “Imagine how that will play with tourists.” [New York Post]

Counterfeit Ban: “How practical is it, I don’t know,” says Bloomberg. [Ashley Parker]

Smoking: Formerly-mandated warning posters still linger in stores months after courts struck down city law. [Jacob Gershman] 

Radio: In-depth look at Hudson Valley market. [John Barry]

Traffic: After tollbooth collector shortage led to 5-hour delay at Staten Island bridge, Port Authority boss says “we will never let that happen again.” [Frank Donnelly]

Traffic: 865 tickets by state police for motorists who improperly pass emergency vehicles. [Poughkeepsie Journal] 

Residency Rules: Carl Lewis can’t do what Rahm Emanuel did. [Lisa Fleisher] Morning Read: Bloomberg’s Taxi Agenda, Diddy’s Police Escort