Morning Read: Cathie Black Out, Dennis Walcott In

2012: “No wonder he’s become such good pals with Al Sharpton. President Obama’s approval ratings among black voters plummeted last month to their lowest levels ever.” [Leonard Greene and Jennifer Fermino]

Final Column: “Decisions were made. Lets just leave it at that.” [Clyde Haberman]

Education Staff: Dennis Walcott is Cathie Black’s opposite. [David Seifman]

Education Staff: Walcott fistbumps Bloomberg, plays trombone and other great info. [Bobby Cuza]

Education Staff: Walcott is the highest-ranking African-American in Bloomberg’s orbit. [Fernanda Santos]

Education Staff: “He is promising to continue the mayor’s reform policies.” [WABC]

Education Staff: “[I]n appointing Walcott, Bloomberg isn’t exactly giving in to parents who are unhappy with the way the system is run.” [Kayla Webley]

Education Staff: “He must quickly rebuild the Education Department’s leadership, which has been devastated by high-profile resignations.” [New York Times]

Education Staff: Walcott brought his grandson to school today. [CBSNewYork]

Education Staff: “He lives on a quiet block in Cambria Heights in Queens, where residents described him Thursday as a jogger who plays football in the street with kids, takes out the trash and helped push cars out of the snow.” [Andrew Grossman]

Education Staff: Black wrote to Bloomberg, “it has become increasingly apparent that my ability to serve successfully…is not possible.” [Barbara Martinez and Michael Saul]

Education Staff: “Aides decided she was largely unfit for such high-profile appearances and all but ruled them out.” [Michael Barbaro]

Education Staff: “[S]ource close to the administration said Black felt she was doomed from the start because she never got Klein’s support.” [Carl Campanile]

Education Staff: Why hire Black in the first place? “Managerial fetishism.” [John Podhoretz]

Education Staff: Walcott does Q&A and says, “Based on the governor’s budget we have in place, we’re still looking at layoffs.” [Daily News]

Evaluating Bloomberg: Hiring Black “was worst mistake of Bloomberg’s mayoralty,” say the editors. [Daily News]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “Bloomberg was reverting to a type that predated his mayoralty: the bloodless businessman.” [David Halbfinger]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “[T]he latest in a series of third-term setbacks for Bloomberg.” [Samantha Gross]

Evaluating Bloomberg: Unnamed aide says, “We’re hoping to look back at today as the day we turned the corner on the third term.” [Michael Saul]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “Does he understand he must change the way he steers in order to finish the term safely?” [Adam Lisberg]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “[B]eneath it all remains the resentment that many New Yorkers feel about how Bloomberg worked to overturn term limits so he could stick around at City Hall.” [Tom Wrobleski]

Evaluating Bloomberg: “NYC school chief quits, a defeat to mayor’s vision.” [AP]

Layoffs: Top Cuomo aide “has begun talking with agencies to discuss where job cuts could be made, if it came to that.” [Rick Karlin]

Legislative Time: Five more days off. [Brendan Scott]

Closing Firehouses: Oddo wants a list. [Judy Randall] Morning Read: Cathie Black Out, Dennis Walcott In