Morning Read: Cuomo Pays Taxes, Bloomberg Fumes Over Sign Scofflaw

Congress: Proof the world is drifting right: NJ Rep. Scott Garrett is mainstream. [Raymond Hernandez]

2012: “Maybe I’m going to do the tax returns when Obama does his birth certificate…I’d love to give my tax returns.  I may tie my tax returns into Obama’s birth certificate.” [George Stephanopoulos]

2012: Trump is odd, eccentric, relenting, possibly untruthy. “Such a man cannot become President.” [Richard Cohen]

2012: Trump raising money for Manhattan GOP on June 14. [Laura Nahmias]

2012: Trump personifies good things about capitalism. Is “no joke” [David Brooks]

2012: Republicans brace for a Trump candidacy. [AP]

Schumer: He’s in China. [Brian Tumulty]

Probing Police: NYPD patrol unit comes under scrutiny. [Kirstan Conley and Chuck Bennett]

State Budget: No bacon; local groups unhappy. [Teri Weaver]

Paying Taxes: Cuomo earned $200,472. Paid full rate of NYC income taxes. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Paying Taxes: Former unpaid Lt. Governor Ravitch has to pay up. [Sam Roberts]

NYC Taxes: “[O]ur property tax is not that high,” says Bloomberg. [David Seifman]

Monitoring WFP: Electioneering arm of the party doesn’t abide court orders. [Sally Goldenberg]

School Reform: Editors punch back against NYT columnist who noted public school reformers attended private schools. [New York Post]

Prison Closures: All in Cumo’s hands.  [Simon Garron-Caine]

Hydrofracking: Schneiderman threatens lawsuit against federal government if study isn’t conducted. [Brian Nearing]

Campaign Signs: “[A]n outrage when [politicians] beat the law on technicalities,” says Bloomberg. [Adam Lisberg]

Campaign Signs: John Liu gets out of major fine, due to a technicality. [David Seifman]

Bars NYC: A moratorium considered in parts of Brooklyn. [Sumathi Reddy]

Bars NYC: Early reporting on this from Capital New York. [Greg Hanlon]

Threats: Park Slope, a parody of itself. [Hilary Keller] Morning Read: Cuomo Pays Taxes, Bloomberg Fumes Over Sign Scofflaw