Morning Read: Cuomo Popular, Bloomberg Protested

Birthers: Pushback from Obama’s half-sister. [Michael Sheridan]

Praising Cuomo: Legislative leaders pay lip service. [Thomas Kaplan]

Cuomo’s Popularity: “Sky High.” [Taegan Goddard]

Cuomo’s Popularity: Even tops Chris Christie. [Matt Robinson]

Cuomo’s Consolidation: “No Members, No Meetings for Cuomo’s Consolidation Taskforce.” “Ball and Corwin have heard nothing from the governor since their appointments in January, despite a tentative May 1 deadline.” [Jon Lentz]

Cuomo’s Consolidation: Residents don’t want to lose local identity. [Joe Spector]

Cuomo’s Cuts: Local court ends at 4:30 p.m. and no free lunches for jurors. [Heather Yakin]

Pension Costs: Cuomo tells the NY Post he’ll veto sweeteners. [Brendan Scott]

Tax Cap: ” ‘The calendar says we are here until June 22,’ Silver said when asked when his chamber might take up the cap and other measures.” [Rick Karlin]

Rent NYC: Arguments against extending rent protection laws. [Joe Strasburg]

Bike NYC: NYU and NYC differ on how many New Yorkers ride bikes. [David Seifman]

Water NYC: Officials buy $7 million worth of land to protect drinking water. [Sally Goldenberg]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: Budget cuts delay trash removal plan. [Michael Saul]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: Campaign promise to boost community colleges “has now been abandoned in the face of proposed cuts of over $50 million in city funding.” [Alshawn Kelly Rushing]

Bloomberg’s Budget: Delays hiring 540 cops. “It’s simply something we’re not going to take lying down,” says Quinn. [Michael Saul]

Bloomberg’s Budget: 100 cops a most lost to attrition, notes Vallone. [Al Baker]

Changing Chancellors: Joel Klein, no fan of Cathie Black. [Rachel Monahan]

Carl Kruger: Pleads not guilty. [Robert Gearty]

Threats: Greg Ball targeted; doll with Star of David, anti-Semitic rants. [Marcela Rojas and Brian Howard]

Threats: Also sent was a “vial with an unknown liquid.” [Ken Lovett]

Morning Read: Cuomo Popular, Bloomberg Protested