Morning Read: Millions Misspent, Storm Hits Upstate

Observer-Dispatch, Friday, April 29, 2011

Cuomo and Obama: Not in the spotlight together. [Ken Lovett]

Hope Reichbach: Daughter of prominent Brooklyn judge. [NY Post]

Hope Reichbach: Wrote about “wanting to unite her generation and help build a stronger Democratic party in Brooklyn.” [Shimon Prokupecz and Jonathan Dienst]

Hope Reichbach: In her own words. []

Hope Reichbach: “wonderful, vivacious, and tough young woman and a beautiful soul” said Councilman Levin. [Bill Hutchinson]

Hope Reichbach: As a candidate, she charmed a critic. [Gatemouth]

Same-Sex Marriage: Some Yes votes in Assembly have departed. [Stephanie Lee]

Same-Sex Marriage: Business leaders to release letter in support. [Nick Confessore]

Spying Judges: $600,000 settlement reached days before trail; top administrative judge allegedly ordered  clerk to spy on colleagues. [John O’Brien]

Town Hall: Rep. Grimm chided for supporting Paul Ryan budget. [Judy Randall]

Stolen Money: $3.6 million taken from NYC Dept. of Ed; “second time in less than a year that federal prosecutors accused consultants hired by the city of multimillion dollar thefts.” [Tamer el-Ghobshy]

Stolen Money: “Lanham Enterprises allegedly was paid $5.3 million for consulting work that cost his company only $1.7 million.” [NY Daily News]

Stolen Money: “investigation revealed another embarrassing lack of supervision in one of the city’s technology projects.” [Fernanda Santos]

State Audit: Millions wasted. [Fred Dicker and Brendan Scott]

State Audit: Paying for 850 toll-free numbers, many unused. [Nick Confessore]

Ticket Fixing: Assistant DA in Bronx had a DWI arrest erased; the ADA not part of unit probing ticket scandal.[Kevin Deutsch and Rocco Parascandola]

Ticket Fixing: Criminal cases could be compromised. [Bob Kappstatter and Rocco Parascandola]

Last In, First Out: UFT boss rejects effort to survey members. [Carl Campanile]

Storm: “Waist-high on some city streets.” [Observer-Dispatch]

Power Authority: LIPA Chairman wants to private the organization. [Mark Harrington]

Trump: Records contradict his comments about military draft. [Bill Hutchinson]

Trump: “Thursday night’s event oozed with Trumpian excess.” [Michael Barbaro] Morning Read: Millions Misspent, Storm Hits Upstate