Morning Read: More Ticket-Fixing Allegations, Levy Heads to China

Mayor Bloomberg joins the cast of Glee to celebrate the final episodes of their second season. April 25, 2011 (Photo Credit: Spencer T Tucker)

2012: DCCC helped publicize story detailing accusations against Rep. Grimm; NY13 in play next year. [Alison Gendar]

2012: Disturbing, decades-old allegations against Rep. Grimm don’t shake his supporters. [John Annese]

2013: Bloomberg and Liu clash often and rarely speak. [David Chen]

Ticket Fixing: Not just traffic violations: “thousands of hours of tape” about burying “domestic violence incidents involving off-duty cops…drunk-driving incidents involving their brethren…making arrangements for and paying prostates.” [Murray Weiss]

Ticket Fixing: Prosecutor lost his own ticket case; got no special treatment. [Rocco Parascandola]

Budget NYC: “it will be very painful because we have a lot less money, which means a lot fewer people,” says Bloomberg. [David Seifman]

Traveling: Lame duck Suffolk County Exec Steve Levy taking official trip to China. [James Madore]

Lax Enforcement: Site of deadly Bronx fire got 5 complaints from city — “last one 11 days before the fire…no record the department did anything.” [Benjamin Lesser and Brian Kates]

Same-Sex Marriage: Editors applaud Cuomo’s engagement of the issue. [New York Times]

Same-Sex Marriage: “are opportunity for legislators to be heroes.” Six votes needed. [Bill Hammond]

Same-Sex Marriage: Not much support among business community. [Crain’s]

Profiles: Advocates like AG Schneideman. [Simon Garron-Caine]

Outreach: “White House Launches First Ever Website for Blacks” [The Challenger]

Changes: New district chief of staff, new office, for Rep. Serrano. [Bill Weisbrod]

Voting: Make Election Day a national holiday. [Atticus Brigham]

Unions: Cuomo’s contract offer to Council 82 is a “big bet” on landing similar deals with larger unions. [Rick Karlin]

Bike Lanes: More police enforcement of traffic rules needed. [New York Post]

Taxis: Kellner complains of a loophole in city’s hunt for new vehicles. [Crain’s]

Consolidation: Cuomo’s group meets; will there be any acronym problems? [Jimmy Vielkind]

Taxes: Editors disagree with Bloomberg and Cuomo, and say tax the rich. [Washington Square News]

Punishments: Jail shoppers who buy counterfeits, proposes Councilwoman Chin. [John Doyle]

Bridge Backup: One cash tollbooth clerk at bridge; five-hour delays; officials demand meeting with PA boss Chris Ward. [Frank Donnelly]

Mixed Martial Arts: Safer than NFL, argues opinion editor. [Eli Epstein]

Unappointed: Councilman Comrie declines to say why he didn’t reappoint Community Board 12 chairwoman. [Ivan Pereira]

Small Business: Rapper Styles P, and friends, open a juice bar in the Bronx. [Bill Weisbrod]

Inmates: Hevesi rubs shoulders with Kozlowski. [Ken Lovett]

Media: 25 years of media studies, broken down into 4 rules. [Jay Rosen] Morning Read: More Ticket-Fixing Allegations, Levy Heads to China