Morning Read: Obama Embraces Sharpton, Cathie Black Loses Staff

2012: “We didn’t realize until late in the game that we would be facing the worst recession in generations. Some folks have amnesia about this,” said Obama. [Jake Tapper]

2012: Obama acknowledged people sometimes “lose hope.” [AP]

2012: “The president heartily embraced the once-embattled reverend.” [Leonard Greene and Todd Venezia]

2012: “Obama is counting on Sharpton to get out the vote among African Americans and some liberals.” [Josh Robin]

2012: “I wouldn’t imagine that he’ll make (New York) a frequent campaign stop, unless there’s fundraising involved,” said Basil Smikle. [Erik Ortiz]

Obama’s Staff: Holder should resign, says Rep. King. “Holder showed absolute disdain for Congress, New York and the will of the American people.” [New York Post]

Supreme Court: Rejecting Wal-Mart discrimination suit signals “some companies are too big to be held accountable,” say the editors. [New York Times]

Style: Cuomo “has governed less like his father than like the Republican who beat him, George E. Pataki.” [Nick Confessore]

Redistricting: Cuomo says state has to “work out” who will defend them in lawsuit filed by GOP, since the legislation was championed by the AG when he was a legislator. [Casey Seiler]

Teachers: Union fighting Cuomo honors his ex-wife. “The New York State United Teachers union denies it’s taking a swipe at the governor.” [AP]

Education Staff: “Lousy week” for Chancellor Black as another top aide departs. [Rachel Monahan]

Education Staff: “[A]bout half of the city’s top education officials have left” since Black arrived. [Sharon Otterman and Javier Hernandez]

Education Staff: “They’re falling like dominoes.” [Yoav Gonen]

City Budget: “New York City is sitting on a $3.1 billion budget surplus,” says Micah Kellner. [Our Town]

City Budget: Bloomberg drops crash tax; “coup” for Speaker Quinn. [Michael Saul]

Food: “My typical lunch is getting something from Popeye’s or McDonald’s,” said Comrie, who wants to ban toys from happy meals. [Jeremy Olshan]

Food: “Comrie needs to resolve his own weight issues before he starts dictating how others eat,” say the editors. [New York Post]

Evaluations: “Mayor Bloomberg, a virtual Democrat.” [Arizona Republic]

Cars: Cuomo to reign in use of parking placards. [AP]

Roads: SI officials complain the city parks department illegally “built a barrier in the roadway.” [Tom Wrobleski]

Morning Read: Obama Embraces Sharpton, Cathie Black Loses Staff