Morning Read: Scandal at NYPD, Voice in Albany

2012: Poll shows “abrupt change in attitude” with voters; two year low. [Jim Rutenberg and Megan Thee-Brenan]

2012: The poll. [New York Times]

Media: Unnamed source said Cuomo compared his dealing with Fred Dicker to feeding a caged animal. Dicker declined to participate in the profile. Writing the NY Post a huge part of his influence. [Jeremy Peters]

Trump: He’s “a spectacle. He’s also not a conservative.” [Charles Krauthammer]

Trump: He [has become the Charlie Sheen of the Republican Party.” [Timothy Egan]

Trump: Support from a Long Island woman who opposed his real estate development. [Dan Janison]

Ticket Fixing: Rookies expose the scandal; top Bronx official reportedly caught helping “honorary NYPD deputy commissioner.” [Larry Celona and Bob Fredericks]

Redistricting: Long Island GOP move up date of vote even though details aren’t public. [Celeste Hadrick]

Same-Sex Marriage: GOP operatives Michael Avella and John McArdle working join marriage advocates. [Jacob Gershman]

Waste Management: Bloomberg ditches plan to delay construction of garbage facilities. [Michael Saul]

Waste Management: Squeezing energy from trash. [David Seifman]

Medicare: ” ‘[T]he conservative alternative to the liberal AARP’ to run ads supporting House GOP for their vote.” [Jimmy Vielkind]

Unions: CSEA sues to lift a salary cap. [Celeste Hadrick]

Crime: 18% increase in grand larcenies on subways, compared to 2010. [Andrew Grossman]

Tim Hetherington: Why the “tribe” of war photographers gather in NY. [Sophia Hollander and Tamer el-Ghobasy] Morning Read: Scandal at NYPD, Voice in Albany