Morning Read: Trump 2012 Full Steam Ahead, Cuomo Knocks Down 2012 Chatter

Ground Zero: Funding may delay construction there. [Eliot Brown]

9/11: “There’s been a huge increase in the number of disability retirements among firefighters since 9/11.” [Sally Goldenberg]

2012: Early polls don’t mean anything. [Jack Germond]

2012: Trump talk turns off some voters. [Erik Ortiz]

2012: Trump says he’s a better candidate than Romney because he’s richer. [Geoff Earle]

2012: Trump’s real-or-not-real end zone is further than you think. “Candidates are given basically two chances to extend the deadline, which comes within thirty days of declaring candidacy, meaning Trump could stretch it out for months.” [Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman]

Trump: He’s given to Democrats. [Alison Gendar]

Cuomo 2012: Source says he’s not interested in running for VP, as Willie Brown Jr. predicted. [Fred Dicker]

NYGOP: Michael Vente elected president of NYS College Republicans. [Twitter]

Lobbyists: Still a big deal in Albany. [Jacob Fischler]

Judges: “the ballot for the state’s judicial branch of government has devolved into a dumping ground to serve the aims of party bosses.” [Robert McCarthy]

Investigating Cops: The trouble is “a practice that by all accounts has been around almost as long as the traffic laws.” [New York Times]

Delaying Cops: Editors side with City Hall, not with Quinn and Vallone. [Daily News]

Bike Lanes: City D.O.T. is “lying through its teeth.” [Steve Cuozzo]

Internet: Micah Kellner wants to outlaw the stealing of someone’s identity in order to cyberbully. [Ken Lovett]

Encounters: Chuck yells at Rove, from a passing car. [Page Six]

Morning Read: Trump 2012 Full Steam Ahead, Cuomo Knocks Down 2012 Chatter