Morning Read: Working in Schools, Meeting with Sharpton

Trump: Bloomberg tells GOP to drop the birthed issue. [Katie Nelson]

2013: Candidates rush to holiday parties; “De Blasio met with Rev. Al Sharpton at least eight times.” [Jonathan Lemire and Erin Einhorn]

Ethics Reform: Assembly Democrats resist it because many are paid large fees; GOP Senators in majority could retire if their outside income is made public. [Fred Dicker]

Ticket Fixing: A history. [Joseph Goldstein and Al Baker]

Debt Ceiling: Grimm and other freshman GOP resist raising it. [S.A. Miller]

Unions: Protest aimed at mayor’s cuts, Wal-Mart. [Celeste Katz]

Same-Sex Marriage: Cuomo’s efforts get noticed. [Perez Hilton]

Campaign Money: Eight pols no longer in office have active accounts. [Michael Gormley]

Redistricting: Local fights, in Albany. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Pension Reform: Cuomo, so far, has only renewed temporary changes. [James Odato]

Education Employment: Four-part series looks at disciplinary hearings. [Carl Campanile and Yoav Gonen]

Education Policy: “[W]e need look no further than the recent resignation of New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black, after being on the job for only three months, to conclude that experience in education matters should be valued-not diminished.” [Randi Weingarten]

Bike Lanes: “[R]eporters saw 1,759 of those riders — 24 percent — running red lights, narrowly avoiding collisions with pedestrians and cars.” [New York Post]

Jobs: Schumer wants to know how many jobs lost in takeover of Nasdaq and other stock exchanges? [Aaron Lucchetti]

Pics: Bloomberg at the Knicks game. [Spencer Tucker]

Pics: Obama mesmerizes a baby. [Pete Souza]

Morning Read: Working in Schools, Meeting with Sharpton