N.J. Education Association rips latest Christie reform plan

The N.J. Education Association, the largest teachers union in the state, fired back Thursday at what it saw as the illogic of some of Gov. Chris Christie’s latest education reform proposals.

“It’s really a lot of the same stuff that he keeps saying,” NJEA spokeswoman Dawn Hiltner said.

Seniority and tenure, the two practices Christie continually attacks, help take harmful politics and favoritism out of the decision-making, Hiltner said.

Recognizing that nobody wants bad teachers in the classroom, she said that NJEA proposed a plan that would take 90 days or less to resolve a case of a supposedly poor teacher.

She said that one thing much of the public does not realize is that often underperforming teachers are “counseled’’ out of the profession directly and their situation does not even rise to the level of a tenure issue.

And of Christie’s criticism of seniority? “Teaching seems to be, right now, the one area where you don’t value experience,’’ Hiltner said of Christie’s attitudes. “Seniority is really the fairest way,’’ she said.

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