Never Watch TV Alone Again. Social Guide Takes in $1.5 M.

A lot of folks are convinced that the future of television is less about sitting down and enjoying a program and more about participating in the real-time conversation around what you’re watching.

New York startup Social Guide just raised $1.5 million to build out its list of trending shows and localized hash tags that let users see what their friends are watching, what shows are trending and what folks are talking about near them.

It seems like their semantic engine is still a little scattershot. It grabbed this tweet from Keta Miller, “Good morning america. Waffle house. Yum,” which is about waking up for breakfast, not television.

“Either I accidentally left the tv on before bed or we had a visitor in the middle of the night that wanted to watch Sportscenter,” chirped Nathan Phifer.

If jokes and common phrases clutter up the results, this won’t amount to a rich social experience or help users to figure out what shows are trending. This is still the beta, and founder Sean Casey told TechCrunch,  “The social TV space is nascent and is still being defined. This funding will allow us to continue on the path of creating a true social TV platform that goes beyond check-in, to driving tune-in and creating deep social engagement experiences for consumers and networks.”


  Never Watch TV Alone Again. Social Guide Takes in $1.5 M.