Nikki Finke’s Five A.M. ‘Reality’ Check

Early this morning, Nikki Finke posted at Deadline that she was having tech issues: “Deadline won’t be filing new posts until all the current technical problems are fixed.” That didn’t stop her from posting, thirteen minutes earlier (at the unholy hour of 5:48am Pacific time–had she stayed up for the royal wedding?), a post entitled “Reality.” The text reads, in full:


Presumably, this refers to the reality of a busted server? Or reality TV–Ms. Finke also had in the offing posts on “Simon Cowell” and “Chuck Lorre.” (In an email, Ms. Finke told us, “Message is self-evident. I’m doing a lot of administrative catch-up.”) Or maybe the blogger has some great epiphany she’s going to share with us about our reality. Deadline is the Matrix! :: @DPD_ Nikki Finke’s Five A.M. ‘Reality’ Check