NY Unlockers Believe Apple Insider is Setting iPhones Free

iPhone unlocking is big business, and the shadow industry went into convulsions yesterday over a new solution that just hit the market.

Ever since the iPhone was launched in 2007, unlockers have struggled to come up with a safe and permanent way to open Apple’s tightly controlled handset, resorting to jailbreaking methods that reversed when a user updated their software.

But a new fix seems more permanent, and has unlockers speculating it comes from an inside man at Apple. The proprietor of a big New York based unlocking site tipped Betabeat off, saying the insider had been spotted hanging out on forum gsmhosting.com, peddling a solution that works for every global carrier for £100 sterling a pop.

“The source of the codes is more than likely an Apple employee,” says our tipster, who didn’t want to be identified due to his position in this tight-knit community, “because he has access to all global handsets. It’s coming from Apple’s main server.” Not wanting to out himself publicly, the apple informer is working through an established forum poster and unlock provider based in Sweden.

“We have people asking every hour for this since 2007, people are desperate for a solution,” said the tipster of the major waves this development has created in the largely under-the-radar industry. Despite the hype, our source doesn’t expect that this opportunity will last forever: “If he is caught doing this, he will be fired. Apple will go nuts!” Many believe that Apple can reverse the process, rendering the unlock null and void. Needless to say, there will be no refunds.

We have reached out to Apple and will update with any comment.

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NY Unlockers Believe Apple Insider is Setting iPhones Free