Official Q&A on Daytum’s Founders Moving to Facebook

Nicholas Felton. Photo:

Facebook prefers to keep things discreet, thank you very much. The social network is arguably the hottest tech company to work for right now, so it can probably demand whatever nondisclosure clauses it wants, whether it’s preliminary talks with a potential recruit with a clever Tumblr or post-hire details from Daytum’s Nicholas Felton and Ryan Case, now part of Facebook’s design team. The Daytum founders sent over this officious “FAQ” on the move.

What will Ryan and Nicholas be doing at Facebook?
Ryan and Nicholas will be part of Facebook’s design team.
When do they start?
They’ve already started.
Did Facebook acquire Daytum?
No–Facebook didn’t acquire the Daytum web site or code.
What will happen to Daytum?
Ryan and Nicholas plan to leave the site running.
What products will Ryan and Nicholas work on at Facebook?
We’re not offering specifics, but they’ll be working on our design team.

Interesting that Facebook did not acquire the Daytum I.P., which suggests we won’t see any Daytum-esque features on the site anytime soon.

“I really don’t have much to add,” Mr. Felton demurred when Betabeat pressed for an interview. Mr. Felton does share the number of days he spends traveling, number of miles he runs and number of celebrity sightings via Daytum, although he’s not updated in a while. Via Twitter, we learn he’ll be keeping a home in New York but spending a lot of time in Palo Alto. Mr. Case’s tweets are private. Official Q&A on Daytum’s Founders Moving to Facebook