OkCupid Clowns, Then Bans, Arizona Bigot

A concerned user, Paul, wrote in to dating site OkCupid with the following complaint.

“If this site was generated in America for Americans, then why do you have spanish on there? I live in Arizona and im fed up on how everything has beening turning into hablo espanol.”

The folks at OkCupid are lovers, not fighters, so at first they tried to play things off.

-From: John Marc Imbrescia (jm@okcupid.com)
El lenguaje del amor es universal. -jm

-From: Vinay Pai (vinay@okcupid.com)
It’s actually worse than that… the pixels our pages are made from are made in China, putting millions of hard working American pixels out of work. It’s unfortunate, but it’s really hard to stay competitive with all the increase in cost. We considered switching to black and white because they’re so much cheaper than colored pixels, but that upset a lot of people. It’s a tough choice… I hope you can be more understanding 🙁

Paul does not take kindly to these attempts at humor. He responds, “If i saw you in person i would litterally beat your face in until you are gargling your own blood.”

Yipes, time to bring out the ban hammer. OkCupid’s Eli Gwynn lays it out.

I deleted your account because I don’t want you on our site. Do you recall how our exchange went?
1. You launched a complaint.
2. I responded sarcastically.
3. You threatened me with violence.
4. I deleted your account.

All’s fair in love and war, especially on the web. OkCupid Clowns, Then Bans, Arizona Bigot