On Fox Focus Group, Grimm, Buerkle Defend GOP Cuts [Video]

Sean Hannity assembled a “focus group” (although it was really more of a roundtable) of House freshman Republicans with Frank Luntz to ask them if they have changed the culture of Washington. All, without exception, said they had, including New York’s own Michael Grimm and Mary Ann Buerkle.

And both New Yorkers defended the Congress for not meeting its targeted spending cuts, saying that they will press forward.

“The fact that we are no longer speaking about how much we are spending, but what we are cutting,” Grimm said. “What I think you are hearing here is that we are all on the same page, but we have different tactics and I respect my colleagues that have different tactics, but at the end of the day our goals are the same and that is to drastically reduce spending and get our fiscal house in order.”

Buerkle was a little harsher:

“The truth of the matter is we are disappointed too. We started out we wanted a hundred billion that is the goal, but we have to be realistic and we are only one-half of one-third of this government,” she said.

Take a look:

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On Fox Focus Group, Grimm, Buerkle Defend GOP Cuts [Video]