On Tavis, Bloomberg Talks Trump, Term Limits and Cathie Black [Video]

Tavis Smiley is bringing his late-night PBS show to New York this week, and his first guest was Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The talk show host asked Bloomberg about the apparent decision to bring in Cathie Black as city school chief without consulting with aides and experts.

The mayor disputed the premise of the question.

“I did ask a lot of people,” he said. “I did talk to a lot of people about whether they would be interested in the job.”

The Times reported that Geoffrey Canada had been offered the chancellor’s job and turned it down. Mayor Bloomberg has denied this.

The mayor also said that despite his falling poll numbers, he has not regretted seeking a third-term, telling Smiley that he thought it would be too easy to just leave office while the city was soaring.

Finally, the mayor was asked again about Donald Trump’s birther talk, and the mayor reiterated that he wished Trump would stop it, and gave a shout-out to a certain salmon-colored weekly.

“He is a New York icon, a little bit bigger than life,” the mayor said. “His daughter I know pretty well. She is married to the publisher of a small newspaper here. Very smart.”





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On Tavis, Bloomberg Talks Trump, Term Limits and Cathie Black [Video]