Pete King Likes Obama’s Panetta, Petraeus Shuffle

Before President Obama released his long-form birth certificate and Donald Trump held court in New Hampshire, the big national news this morning was that the White House would shuffle C.I.A. Director Leon Panetta into the role of Defense Secretary and replace him with General David Petraeus.

In a statement this morning, Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King–who has frequently criticized the administration–applauded the move:

“I strongly support the President’s planned nominations. Director Panetta has done an outstanding job at the CIA, and General Petraeus has distinguished himself as one of the great American military leaders. Both men currently play integral roles in our Nation’s war against al Qaeda and its affiliates and will be instrumental as we continue to combat the terrorist threat.

Director Panetta has had important success in stabilizing the CIA workforce and played a critical role in indentifying and disrupting terrorist plots against the United States.

General Petraeus is a patriot who has served honorably and admirably whenever and wherever the President has asked.”

King, who also serves on the Intelligence Committee, is so fond of Petraeus that he once floated him for president. Pete King Likes Obama’s Panetta, Petraeus Shuffle