Photo Sharing Overload Powering Pixable’s Growth

The marriage of great cameras and instant uploads made possible by the modern smartphone has led to an explosion in photo sharing. Between services like Flickr, Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook, the average person is presented with three to four thousand pictures each week, says Pixable CEO Inaki Berenguer. “Not many people have time for all these images, so we are trying to create a discovery tool that filters out the ones most important to you.”

In the last year New York startup Pixable has moved into a bigger office and expanded from six employees to 28. “Five years ago you took a photo on your camera, downloaded that to your computer, uploaded that to the internet and then emailed your friends. That 20 minute process is now one click and maybe five seconds tops,” says Inaki. The company just raised $3.6 million, mainly to build out an optimize their back end for faster speeds.

The company also announced an interesting integration with Aviary, which is now powering the edit tool at the bottom of all Pixable photos. “People love to be able to add a funny sticker or a filter to their images, but we could  not afford to create this functionality ourselves,” says Inaki. “Partnering with Aviary was an easy way to bring a new feature set to Pixable without taking away from the core focus of our team.”

Right now Pixable is adding about 40,000 new users a week, and increasingly their data shows Facebook as the king of photos. While images are being produced on other services, Inaki says 85% eventually make their way onto Facebook, whether it’s the newsfeed or part of a full fledged album. Photo Sharing Overload Powering Pixable’s Growth