Policy Spat at Facebook

Taxi Commissioner David Yassky and Assemblyman Micah Kellner mix it up, on Facebook.

Kellner chided the city’s “Taxi of Tomorrow” for being “the delivery van of yesterday.”

Yassky – a bookish, former law school professor with a dry sense of humor – wrote “And can we please schedule time to debate what a ‘van’ is.” That was a sarcastic reference to what Kellner wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

(Kellner, that day, wrote, “Mayor Bloomberg and David Yassky would prefer to debate the definition of ‘van’ is instead of making all cabs accessible. Was a third term really necessary for this disgrace?”)

After Yassky’s comments today, Kellner, who has taken up the mantle of disability access as a key legislative aim, responded, “I’ll leave that to the lawyers at the Department of Justice.”

Policy Spat at Facebook