Reddit Gets a General Manager; Plus Alexis Ohanian Back On as Adviser

Reddit announced some big hiring news today: Longtime community manager and Brooklynite Erik Martin, a.k.a. hueypriest, is being promoted to general manager and moving to the company’s San Francisco office. Additionally, Reddit original gangster Alexis Ohanian, who co-founded the company with Steve Huffman, is returning as an adviser to Conde Nast. “It’s pretty strong signal here from Conde Nast that they see the potential that Reddit has,” Mr. Ohanian told Betabeat.

“Because of changes in the organization as well as higher traffic/activity on Reddit, relations with the suits are pretty good these days, actually,” Mr. Martin said. “Next step is to get them addicted to /r/dogfort.”

Reddit broke a billion pageviews a month last year, thanks in part to a completely botched redesign by competitor Digg. The site continues to cultivate a highly engaged community that organizes itself into Reddit meet-ups, buys Reddit Gold, and donated more than $1 million to charities through Reddit campaigns last year. The company retains a New York presence, as its old media overloads and ad and sales operations (and Mr. Ohanian, when he’s not traveling) are here.

“Basically [Conde Nast] said, ‘How would you like help influence what happens to Reddit?'” Mr. Ohanian said. “I’m still having separation issues with Reddit, so being able to have some influence in terms of where this baby goes in the future was appealing.

“It’s basically just formalizing the relationship I’ve had since I left, where people call me when they have a question that only Alexis can answer,” he said.

Mr. Ohanian expects his role will include advising on merchandising, Reddit TV and other projects he managed before leaving Reddit in October 2009 to volunteer in Armenia with Kiva.

Reddit has also hired web designer Max Goodman to touch up the site. (We’re guessing he won’t go for the total redesign, though.) Reddit Gets a General Manager; Plus Alexis Ohanian Back On as Adviser