Roundup: Another Trump Is a Birther


Mayor Bloomberg attends 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night in Manhattan. April 20, 2011 (Photo Credit: Kristen Artz)

2012: NYT poll finds not much energy for GOP candidates. [Jim Rutenberg]

2012: Video chatter about the poll. [Ben Werschkul]

NY26: Buerkle said, ” We don’t need to raise taxes. We need to stop spending.” [Liz Benjaim]

Same-Sex Marriage: James Alesi, still undecided. [Joe Spector]

Same-Sex Marriage: Opponents say Cuomo is crawling back to liberal base after pushing conservative agenda. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Trump: “[A] blinking neon stand-in for a candidate who will go beyond mainstream boundaries.” [Jonathan Martin]

Trump: Likes, but doesn’t know much about, classical music. [Caroline Cooper]

Trump: Eric Trump says “I have no idea” if Obama was born here. [Luke Funk]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: “[N]othing as bold or controversial as the congestion pricing proposal.” [Gail Robinson]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: Burning garbage. [Jill Colvin]

East River Tolls: Five GOP senators want to exempt seven counties from MTA tax; foreshadowing return of toll debate? [Liz Benjamin]

Cigarettes: Bloomberg sues online tobacco suppliers. [Livia Scheck]

Economy: “Some people would say Wall Street screwed it up,” says John Liu. [Greg Floyd]

Court: Ruben Wills wore a NYC Council pin during his court appearance. [Celeste Katz]

Jobs: Blog for WNYC. [wnyc]

Roundup: Another Trump Is a Birther