Roundup: Bill Clinton Has a Flashback, Andrew Cuomo Makes a Deal

Debt Speech: “Obama spoke in strikingly partisan tones.” [Michael Shear]

Debt Speech: The text. [New York Times]

Civics Lesson: NY needs more of it. [AP]

Air NYC: Pedestrian malls make Times Square air cleaner. [NY1]

Off Script: “It’s not every day you hear an ex-president discuss his memories of a hooker.” [CNN]

Cuomo’s Unions: PEF says Council82’s deal with governor “in no way sets the groundwork” for other deals. [Ken Lovett]

Cuomo’s Union: PEF says Governor offered them a similar deal. [Casey Seiler]

Regulating Food: Spokesman for State Health Commissioner denies expressing support for banning happy meals toys. Audio dispoves that. [Adam Lisberg]

100 Days: Schneiderman poses for the “The ‘badass AG’ shot.” [Andrew Hawkins]

Media on Media: Critic unimpressed with WPIX’s coverage of breaking news. [Jerry Bamash]

Obama’s Record: O’Reilly separates facts from myths; stands by Fox reporting saying Obama born in Hawaii. []

Trumpeting Trump: Cavuto acknowledge’s Trump’s birther platform; goes on to say “let voters decide.” []

Staffing Bloomberg: Videographer from Bloomberg’s 09 campaign, on hand today for Bill Clinton event. He’s now working with C40, which Bloomberg chairs. [Flickr]

Staffing Bloomberg: Kevin Sheekey was there too! [Flickr]

From the Archives: Bloomberg meets Magic Johson.

Fun: Site generates your next tweet. [My Next Tweet]

Staffing Up: Sandra Lee hired Risa Heller, whose former bosses include Chuck Schumer and David Paterson. [Nick Confessore]

Roundup: Bill Clinton Has a Flashback, Andrew Cuomo Makes a Deal