Roundup: Bloomberg Cools to Diddy Escort, Koo Sees ‘Immigrant City’

“What’s up with medical marijuana in NYC. Is it going to be OK’d soon? Need to know by this weekend” is one question from Twitter Bloomberg read during his weekly radio show, this morning.

Hope Reichbach: Unsure if her death was an accident or suicide. [Sean Gardiner and Michael Saul]

P. Diddy: Bloomberg isn’t too mad anymore about rapper getting a police escort. [Stan Brooks] 


Trump: Editors say he is “turning the political arena into a pig-wrestling pit.” [Dallas Morning News]

Trump: Group blocks ads from appearing on Apprentice because of Trump’s birther rhetoric. [Douglas MacMillan and Andy Fixmer]

Trump: Network officials not commenting. [Jeff Labrecque]

Trump: He’s the new Charlie Sheen. []

Essex County: Official disaster area, says Cuomo. [Lohr McKinstry]

Storm: Knocked down bridge that carried 6,000 vehicles a day. [Joe Spector]

Same-Sex Marriage: Ban makes business less competitive. [Ailsa Chang]

Same-Sex Marriage: Former No votes, Huntley and Addabbo, not talking. [Rich Bockmann]

Changing Comptrollers: Callahan took down Alan Hevesi, in part, by reading the NY Sun. [Howard Koplowitz]

Finding Lieberman: Journo bumps into outgoing Senator. “he and I wound up at the same hotel for Passover…What struck me most was his his lack of bitterness.” [Adam Dickter]

Lipsky’s Donations: “What, are you going to give it back to the crook?” says Avella, who’ll donate to charity money he got from the lobbyist. [Connor Sheets]

Flushing: “Immigrant city” says Councilman Koo. [Joe Anuta]

Town Hall: Grimm says you can’t just yell all night long. [Paula Katinas]

Demographics: Most diverse neighborhood: Middle Village, in Queens; least diverse: Breezy Point, in Queens, says Sam Roberts. [Ronnie Eldridge]

Questions: What does Bloomberg think of Trump’s protectionist forign policy? [Frank Morano]

And Trump says he’s going to the White House Correspondent’s Dinner; predicts “That’s going to be bedlam. You’ll love that one.” [Sheelah Kolhatkar]

  Roundup: Bloomberg Cools to Diddy Escort, Koo Sees ‘Immigrant City’