Roundup: Cathie Black Is 'Phenomenally Qualified' Says Bloomberg

2012: Rubio has had enough of Trump’s birther conspiracies. [Kyle Munzenreider]

2004: Nader filed a lawsuit against Democrats, in Maine. []

Shutdown: Rep. Slaughter makes an unfortunate analogy. [Liz Benjamin]

Albany Ethics: Skelos explains his nuanced position. [Rick Karlin]

Cathie Black: “If I were a guy, would I have had the pounding that I did?” [Patricia Sellers]

Cathie Black: Job was “like having to learn Russian in a weekend.” [New York Post]

Cathie Black: “phenomenally qualified,” says mayor. [Jim Scott]

Education Staff: How much money to save NYC teachers from layoffs? $700 million. [WNYC]

Covering Schools: Black’s departure blankets the media. [Christina Samuels]

Covering Schools: “I don’t feel I’ve missed much by not talking to chancellors,” says the New York Times education columnist. [Michael Winerip]

Education Psychology: “Black got the worst of both worlds: she was disdained for being brand new to public education, but she was also seen as the embodiment of all the things that had infuriated people about Bloomberg-Klein.” [Sarah Garland]

Education Policy: More on Walcott saying policies won’t change. [Michael Saul]

Education Qualifications: “Walcott, 59, has public education bona fides that few in the upper echelon of the Department of Education have.” [James Ford]

Education Qualifications: “While Dennis Walcott certainly has an understanding of the policy side of education, he still lacks the instructional experience to actually fix what is going wrong in our classrooms.” [Andy Wolf]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: “[H]e next needs to repair relations with Gov. Andrew Cuomo and with the city’s real estate community.” [Greg David]

Bloomberg’s Agenda: Mayor is “trying to ensure that the third term is not what third terms usually are, which is an exercise in futility,” says Sheinkopf. [Jill Colvin]

Parking Placards: Not as big a reduction as it appears. [Jim O’Grady]

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  Roundup: Cathie Black Is 'Phenomenally Qualified' Says Bloomberg