Roundup: Cuomo Vetoes, Trump Talks Disclosures

Debates: Hannity’s red-meat rhetoric doesn’t fly at National Action Network. [Obama08jalu]

2012: After meeting with Trump, Huckabee says, “I seriously believe he’s going to jump in.” [Maggie Haberman]

2012: “I would be proud to give those disclosures,” Trump says. [Katrina Trinko]

2012: Trump is to Democrats what Bloomberg is to Republicans. [Jeff Mapes]

2012: “I would not leave Iraq and let Iran take over the oil,” says Trump. [Kelly Evans]

Carl Kruger: He was “excused” from attending the NYS Energy and Telecommunications meeting, which seemed oddly crowded today. [nysenateuncut]

Cuomo’s Pen: Quietly signs vetoes. [Liz Benjamin]

Cuomo’s Agenda: Republicans note Silver is in the way. [Ken Lovett]

Garbage: Cutbacks may delay a major Bloomberg plan; spokesman says they’re still committed. [Courtney Gross]

Changing Chancellors: 9 people evaluating Walcott’s application. [Beth Fertig]

Changing Chancellors: A teacher complains “Walcott will actually serve as a much more effective salesman for Bloomberg’s policies than Black ever could have been.” [Liza Campbell]

Bike Lanes: A proposed one in Brooklyn is stopped. [Elissa Gootman]

Public Information: DoITT Commissioner Carole Post is CIO of the year. [nyconvergence]

Open Government: Senator Peralta asks why a bill isn’t going to the Finance Committee. Among the answers he gets is one that is softly whispered and barely audible around the 2:45 mark. [nysenateuncut] Roundup: Cuomo Vetoes, Trump Talks Disclosures